Start salary with a Bachelor or Master degree

More and more people learn – either directly after school or after several years at work. Motivation: to be able to quickly take responsibility and get more with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. But which course promises the highest starting salary? Is it financially useful to remain master? And what is the initial salary difference between novice men and women?

Start Salary With A Bachelor Or Master Degree

1. The initial salary becomes increasingly important

In order to be able to make a career, to quickly retain personnel responsibilities, to implement their own ideas and, of course, to receive a much higher initial salary, more and more people choose to study at state universities, universities private or university university of Applied Sciences. Scholars have replaced the diploma for some time, as an “upgrade” and the depth of professional serving a master’s degree. Although salary does not have to be a decisive reason for the choice of study program or the desired degree, graduates in the future are still very concerned about the financial perspective. And rightly so, because there are still big differences.

Start Salary With A Bachelor Or Master Degree

2. The most blessed work for undergraduate and postgraduate students

The great economic demand for graduates called MINT subjects (= mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) suggests: As an engineer, one gets the best after graduating temporarily. The initial salary as a bachelor above 55,000 euros is not uncommon, the average is around 48,000 euros.

Start Salary With A Bachelor Or Master Degree

Second place has become a lawyer, averaging around 46,000 euros per year. Thank you, the top recipient with a wave of excellent degrees at well-known law firms even 100,000 euros – in the first year!

Start Salary With A Bachelor Or Master Degree

Immediately after, the controller was already around 43,000 euros a year.

Start Salary With A Bachelor Or Master Degree

3. Which course produces the highest salary at the beginner level?

From the highest starting salary rank, one can directly sum up the “most profitable” degree program. Here, engineering (including industrial engineers) and computer science are back in the lead with a range of 52,000 to 54,000. Closed followed by medical personnel. On average, these faculty graduates earn 50,000 a year, but the results are somewhat distorted by the fact that the proportion of young people with doctorates in this field is, of course, very high. If, on the other hand, you have a doctorate as a lawyer, you will start with around 59,000 euros. Marketing and human resources are worth around 38,000 euros. Far removed is the humanities. Their graduates go home with an average of 22,500 euros per year.

Start Salary With A Bachelor Or Master Degree

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4. Starting a Salary by Sector

But not only study and selected work affect the expected starting salary, the industry also plays a role that should not be underestimated. Anyone who hires a bank after graduation can wait for the top salary of 58,000 euros, but the average is still above 50,000 euros. The second place is occupied by the automotive industry, experts urgently needed for future mobility are attracted by the highest salary of 53,000 euros, the average price is 48,000 euros p.a. flattened. Those interested in the pharmaceutical / health care industry can also rely on an average annual payment of 48,000 euros, even 53,000 euros in the top area. Cheap entry-level position for academics in the tourism industry or media / advertising. More than € 36,000 per year is rarely there, with an average of only € 33,000.

5. Salary differences between women and men

Depending on the study, the salary difference between men and women is generally a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 26 percent. Apart from the political approach, there are still clear differences. In fact, the higher you are at the career level, the gap seems to increase. In low income sectors, women and men have the same poor performance when it comes to salaries at the beginning of their careers. With initial salaries for academics, gaps then begin to be neatly revealed, in management positions and in the meeting room, the biggest difference can be identified. The researchers cite the nature of women who are generally more restrained in salary negotiations as one of the causes, and seeing women in quotas and mandatory minimum salaries is a way out. However, fortunately, it can also be observed that this gap closes, albeit somewhat slowly. Especially the next generation is very sensitive in this field, regardless of gender. Although there are also jobs where women are in front (brokers, hairdressers, physiotherapists, social workers, etc.). However, female academics still get worse results than their male counterparts.

6. Is the Master’s degree financially valuable?

The master is usually “wrapped up” to deal with this problem in more detail and to get a higher qualification job. It also pays financially: the initial salary as a master’s graduate is almost always higher than the initial salary with a bachelor’s degree. Example of Starting a Salary in an Industrial Engineer Degree: Here you get an average of 7 percent more with a Master, this value also applies to the starting salary as a Bachelor of Business Administration.

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