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Job seekers usually apply to many companies. Often they get a cancellation, but with a little luck some invitations to interview flutter into the house. That's positive for now. But what to do if you get a commitment from the company, even though the job interview is still pending in your personal dream company? Can or should you stop the employer and take the time until you know what your dream company is? Understand that you want to wait and see if you get a high job on your priority list. This becomes more complicated when you have several work commitments on the table. This entry provides tips on how to spend time skillfully.

1. What strategy is right for you?

There are several strategies to get time from a new company to wait for the decision of your dream company. The fact is: You want to open the back door, if the dream job doesn't work. It's legitimate, but please remember: no one likes to choose a second. It may happen that someone feels offended by your delaying tactics.

Because it depends on how you enter your behavior so that you don't mess it up with anyone. What strategy is right for you is first and foremost the type of question. Because if you act authentically, you have the best chance to elegantly take the time to think about it.

1.1. The Honest Skin: Tell the Truth

There are several good reasons to talk with an open card. Who stays with the truth, behaves fairly in a job interview. There is no shame to apply for multiple jobs in parallel. If you already have the opportunity during the interview to overcome this fact, then you don't need to follow it later. Often people in a conversation also ask directly if you have another job interview. Then you can answer this question honestly and the interlocutor knows what is happening. If the company has offered you a job in conversation and needs immediate confirmation, ask for time to think about it. Some days are quite acceptable and will give you time.

Risks: Entrepreneurs sometimes feel astonished if they don't promise immediately, but first want to consider alternatives. That can provoke rejection. Risks increase, of course, more and more applicants there. Because it increases the likelihood that other suitable candidates will reach the final. Basically, it is very legitimate to ask for reflection time. For example, say you want to review the impressions you've got and think about offers for several days.

1.2. Withdrawal Policy: Posting Important Projects

The alternative is to advance business travel, illness, or important personal events, so you cannot make a commitment or sign a contract directly. It also gives you time and opportunity to make a final decision.

Risks: Experienced HR professionals know that someone who wants work can be achieved and committed. Anyone who suffers from a disease, big project or business trip is not too interested. This can cause you to cancel again before you have an alternative in your pocket.

1.3. The Tactician: Upholding the Law Room of Action

It might be strategically plausible to sign a work contract with your second choice company, even though you don't really want to work there. The reason: You are most of the time and don't need to put aside any urgent questions. But you should be a little callous if you stop before you start work or if you want to turn away from your employer during the trial period, if an offer from your chosen company is available.

Please note that some employers charge contractual penalties in case you cancel your employment contract before you even start working for the company. Carefully review your contract before signing it.

During the trial period, you can quickly stop and become available to new employers in a short time. But remember what the consequences of your behavior might be.

Risk: Using work as a temporary solution rather than a kind of smooth and unfair English for the company concerned. If he knows, your behavior can strike you back. Many companies that react to tactical commitment by terminating later are also unfair and make your name fall. For example, if an employer is an active member of an industry-specific network, your behavior can cause the earth to burn. Especially in a small industry where everyone knows everyone, it's dangerous. The consequences can be far-reaching and cause the company to reject you in future applications solely on the basis of this problem.

2. Stay fair, don't lie and bargain

Justice is valued by most employers. Remember, building a job on lies is not an ideal base.
This has proven true to the truth without giving too much detail. You are permitted to suggest that other companies are interested in you. This is basically positive and shows that you are in demand. Ask for time to think and slow down the process. In many cases, this is enough to consider choices and make final decisions. It is important that you do not act arrogantly or give the employer the impression that he is the second choice.

Also express your wishes and inform him that you already have another offer and if possible, you want to know each other in a short time. will. In the event that a job interview has been conducted in the company requested, call and ask politely how long you can expect a decision. Explain that you are a little under pressure because other employers are waiting for you to accept or refuse. Again, you have to choose your words wisely, otherwise your request sounds like a cheap squeeze.

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